Anne Durrum Robinson

Anne Durrum Robinson * 1913 - 2005 Anne died on June 7, 2005. This blog has been set-up to share remembrances from her friends and colleagues arounbd the world. Please constibute a favorite story of Annie, an anecdote, a quote or how she touched you. Anyone may comment but if you wish to add your own entry, please send an e-mail to and I will add you to the blog team.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

To Be Creative

by Anne Durrum Robinson

"To be creative is to trap the wind
And tame it for the blowing of a kiss.
To be creative is to net a star
And, with its shinning, light a room like this.
To be creative is to snare the sun
And transform daybreak into a blazing morn.
To be creative is to mount a mule
And, riding change it into a unicorn!"


  • At 9:52 PM, Anonymous Sara HIckman said…

    ...And with the unicorn to ride
    I circle past my fears and over tides
    To landscapes near, and meadows far
    Where I become the pointed star
    Who shares her light to all in shadow
    So they, too, can ride the mystic fellow!

    To Annie and the unicorn I raise my creative cup!
    Sara Hickman


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