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Anne Durrum Robinson * 1913 - 2005 Anne died on June 7, 2005. This blog has been set-up to share remembrances from her friends and colleagues arounbd the world. Please constibute a favorite story of Annie, an anecdote, a quote or how she touched you. Anyone may comment but if you wish to add your own entry, please send an e-mail to and I will add you to the blog team.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Unconditional Annie

"I am that I am,a shining being and a dweller in light who has been created from the limits of the devine."-- Egyptian Incantation

We have definitely lost a "dweller in light" -- someone who revelled in her own creativity and spent her life trying to share that creative joy with others. For the past several years, I've written two "columns" per week and I could always count on a positive response from Annie. I always thought if I wrote that the moon was indeed made of cheese, she would have responded, "How creative!" Most of us do not have an excess of that type of unconditional appreciation in our lives so losing someone who gives it to us so freely is a deep sadness.

I have been trying to figure out how to contribute to her memorial and, somehow, flowers, cards and contributions didn't quite seem enough. So, I've decided to try to live up to her standard of creativity and generosity of spirit -- it seems the least I can do for having been given the gift of basking in her light if only for a short while. Thank you, Annie ... and give Layne a hug for me.

Several months ago, I wrote the following which also has some of my favorite pictures of Annie ... one in a hat she made for Convergence and one where she is receiving a life-time achievement award with Ned Herrmann and Betty Edwards. You can see them here.

Many years ago, just a few weeks before the contract for my first book fell apart, I received a call from a woman who had been receiving my newsletter. She said she "just happened" to know an agent if I needed one. At the time I didn't but a very short time later, I was more than interested.

I called Annie Robinson back and we began a friendship. As we talked on the phone, I kept thinking what an interesting, dynamic woman she was ... full of energy and doing a dozen different things including creativity training, poetry, politics and more. What a surprise when one of her friends contacted me about attending Annie's 80th birthday party!

We met in person for the first time several years later when she attended Convergence and it was love at first sight! Annie continues to amaze me ... here's an email message I received from her this morning ... I can only hope I'm half as vibrant as she is when I reach 90.

From Annie: I'm still doing some training (two groups recently in train-the-trainer sessions on my CREATEAMS), mentoring my Hunch Bunch at Lunch on the many uses of intuition, playing a little bridge, reading at intervals, struggling to get time on my three books, distributing my new poetry volume,and seeing husband Harold through severe dementia. Praying for divine order in our turbulent world. Annie R.


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